Guillemot Rock

from by Voltergeist



Something went wrong.

Something went wrong.
The world has bent.
Science has failed.
Science has failed us.
Something went wrong.

We lust for food.
We kill for sex.
Something went wrong.
The hunt is on.
We have your scent.
Something went wrong.
The world is bent.


The hunt is on!
We have your scent!
Follow! Follow!

Science... has failed us.

Murder to eat.
Murder to live.
Hunt for sex.
Science has failed us.
Science has failed us.
Science has made this.
Science betrayed me.


from Burnt & Buried, released August 23, 2011
Written by Shaun Paul Dowse, Michael Hastings and Alan Dubin. Guitars performed by Michael Hastings, and engineered by Tom Davis. Lyrics written, vocals performed and engineered by Alan Dubin. Produced by Shaun Paul Dowse.

Michael Hastings appears courtesy of Trembling Bells.

Alan Dubin appears courtesy of GNAW.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering.

ISRC: GB-AA9-11-00407

From the Voltergeist album "Burnt & Buried", released on 23rd August 2011.




Voltergeist Glasgow, UK

Voltergeist is a collection of ideas, primarily sound based, which are carefully mixed together to create an harmonic "map" with the aim of inducing sound → color/movement synesthesia, sound → gustatory synesthesia, or tonal/sonic personification.

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