White Witch

by Voltergeist

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White Witch is finally getting it's download release at the start of 2013.

The folk tale of the haunting of Rose Hall in Jamaica is a well known one which sends shivers down the spine. Stories of unseen forces pushing visitors violently around the house, mysterious blood stains, voodoo curses and poltergeist activity are enough to unsettle even the staunchest cynic.

The track is an ode to the folk tale, and a frustrated response to the constant need for people to investigate and disprove old stories rather than to let them be. Produced several months after the release of the "Burnt & Buried" album, heralding a return to the more rootsy tech-house vibes of his two previous releases, whilst utilising acoustic guitars and live bass in a similar style to the tracks on his latest album.

Nasty, gnarly bass sounds and angry white noise, with sharp claps and a hard kick!

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released January 7, 2013

"White Witch" written, performed and produced by Voltergeist, 2011.

"Hallo" written by DRC Music, Nelly Liyemge, Tout Puissant Mukalo. Vocals by Damon Albarn, Nelly Liyemge, Tout Puissant Mukalo. Produced by Richard Russell. Remix, additional instrumentation and production by Voltergeist. Additional bass guitar by Amanda Little. The copyright in the original sound recording is owned by Warp Records, 2011.

"C Batter C" written and produced by Alex Paterson, Thomas Fehlmann. Remix and additional production by Voltergeist. The copyright in the original sound recording is owned by Malicious Damage, 2011.




Voltergeist Glasgow, UK

Voltergeist is a collection of ideas, primarily sound based, which are carefully mixed together to create an harmonic "map" with the aim of inducing sound → color/movement synesthesia, sound → gustatory synesthesia, or tonal/sonic personification.

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