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A delightfully dark and eerie collection of spooked-out dub-techno and tech-house versions, mixed and blended for the delicate post-club ears and minds.

The idea of making a freely available Voltergeist remix compilation came about one evening over a few drinks with some friends. We decided that it was completely pointless having the tracks polished and mastered only for them to sit unheard on my hard drive, and so we set about picking the best ones and playing them at parties from a home made CD. After finding a tracklist which seemed to flow well together, I arranged and tweaked them to create this mix album.

The full versions of some of the remixes can be found on "Phantommusikfreigabe: Singles"

Most of the remixes contained on this digital compilation are unreleased. The copyright of all works and their derivatives are held by the record labels of each artist:

01 - GUSGUS - Add This Song (Voltergeist 'Churning Dub' Mix) - © 2009 Kompakt
02 - AUDION - Billy Says Go (Voltergeist Remix) - © 2008 Ghostly International
03 - FRANZ FERDINAND - Ulysses (Voltergeist 'Dennistoun' Dub) - © 2008 Domino
04 - DAN LE SAC vs SCROOBIUS PIP - Thou Shalt Alway Kill (Voltergeist 'Murderous' Mix) - © 2008 Sunday Best
05 - ROBY MANNARINI feat. GIA - Hot (Voltergeist 'Warm N Wet' Mix) - © 2009 BDivision
06 - GUSGUS - Add This Song (Voltergeist 'Throbbing Heart Of Dark Desire' Mix) - © 2009 Kompakt
07 - THE OCTOPUS PROJECT - Wet Gold (Voltergeist Extended Mix) - © 2008 Too Pure

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released August 19, 2009




Voltergeist Glasgow, UK

Voltergeist is a collection of ideas, primarily sound based, which are carefully mixed together to create an harmonic "map" with the aim of inducing sound → color/movement synesthesia, sound → gustatory synesthesia, or tonal/sonic personification.

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